Cans or Bottles for Your Craft Brew?

Brewery Equipment

As you begin your craft brewing business, you’ll need to make several important decisions regarding the equipment you’ll need, the recipes you’ll use and how you’ll manage your business.

Product packaging is an important decision, as it impacts how your products are marketed, and how it is distributed. Some breweries use bottles, some use cans, and some use a combination of the two. In addition, many breweries sell their brew in kegs, as well.

There is an important consumer perception about cans as compared to bottles. Most people report believing that beer in bottles is of higher quality than beer in cans and that it tastes fresher. However, in the last couple of years, that perception has started to shift. People still prefer craft beer in bottle form, but the number who are comfortable with their beer being canned is growing rapidly.

As a brewer, cans are easier to distribute, simply because these are not breakable. Most breweries start with bottles, but more craft breweries are opting to add cans to their production line as these gain a more favorable perception. For most production lines, adding a beer can filler is all that is required to begin using cans as well as bottles in production.

With a simple beer can filler, you can fill cans as easily as bottles. By distributing beer in both bottles and cans, you can assess if packaging influences your sales. You can also take a look at whether using cans positively influences your distribution numbers in areas regarding bottle breakage.

Your equipment brewing company can provide you with a beer can filler so that you can fill cans as quickly as you currently fill bottles. Rest assured, no matter how your beer is packaged; it will taste great in a glass.