Injury Lawyers In Tucson: Defining Your Fall


While there are a lot of situations where a slip and fall would merit looking through the Injury Lawyers in Tucson to hire one, there are just as many times where a slip and fall would merit nothing. For example, if you happened to trip over a rug in your own home you would have no business contacting a personal injury lawyer. This is because you would end up filing a claim against your own insurance policy which is just going to cost you even more money. Furthermore, it really does not make any sense to hire a Personal Injury Attorney in Tucson to file a claim against yourself. While it is true that tripping and falling at work or at someone else’s place is going to happen from time to time. You need to be able to tell the difference between being clumsy and the makings of a personal injury case.

A Stump Fall

Have you ever slammed your foot into something when you were talking and stumped your toe? This is what is considered a stump fall. It is very possible that a stump fall could lead to a tumble and a more serious injury. If this happens, you would want to look through those Injury Lawyers in Tucson to find one to hire.

A Step Fall

Walking along a side walk or down a pathway can seem like no big deal. However, it is not uncommon for someone to space out and stop paying attention to the terrain below them when they are walking. If you are not paying attention to the terrain you are not going to see the hole or crack that causes you to lose your balance.

A Slip Fall

A slip fall is a very common type of slip and fall case. This is especially true if you work in retail or fast food. The floors are always wet or greasy. Slipping and falling is almost inevitable. This is why you are required to wear slip resistant shoes in these kind of environments.

Being able to establish what kind of fall you suffered from is going to make it easier for your lawyer to handle your case. They are going to know what evidence to look for and what kind of experts they need to talk to.