Features of Haynes 718


Have you been considering using the Haynes 718 alloy in your business? If so, you will certainly be making a wonderful choice, as this is one of the highest quality alloys on the market. There are many features of this alloy that you should be aware of before using it, including that it is a Ni-Fe-Cr-Cb-Mo-Ti-Al alloy giving it strength that is incomparable to other alloys on the market. Of course, this isn’t the only feature of the Haynes 718 alloy that you should be aware of before you buy, here are some of the others:

This Alloy Can Stand Up to High Temperatures

One of the main features of the 718 alloy from Haynes is its ability to stand up to high temps. In fact, though this alloy is limited to being used in applications below 1200 degrees F or 650 degrees C, it is so much more stronger at these temps than other materials like an R-41 alloy, a Waspaloy alloy and an X-750 alloy. On top of that the 718 alloy is one that is much easier to weld than the other alloys and is much less susceptible to things like strain and cracking, that are otherwise common in materials that have been gamma prime strengthened. In addition, you will also find that this alloy is oxidation resistant.

This Alloy Can Easily be Fabricated

Because of the makeup of this alloy, it has very good welding and forming characteristics as well. When hot working this material, the temperature range is anywhere from 1700 to 2100 degrees F or 985 – 1150 degrees C. You will also find, thanks to this materials good ductility, it can also be formed by cold working as well. You can even anneal the temperature range and work on complex forming operations. When this is the case, the user should be sure that all worked parts, both hot worked and cold worked, should be annealed and cooled quickly, as this will ensure the best balance in the alloys properties. You will also find that you can weld this material with both automatic and manual methods including TIG, MIG, resistance welding and electron beam.

As you can see, there are many wonderful features of the 718 alloy from Haynes. For more information on this alloy, contact a retailer that carries it.