Adolescents and young adults face many issues as they move towards adulthood. Whether they currently live at home, in foster care or with a relative, living on their own is a goal they yearn to meet, but also often fear. For those who are at risk because of the situation at home successfully making the transition can be fraught with difficulties. Independent living for young adults is a form of program intended to help reduce the risk. Such agendas act as a lifeline for those caught facing changes and issues they do not feel they are currently capable of dealing with successfully.

Why Independent Living Programs (ILPs)?

ILPs are a form of housing and support intended to help youth at risk. For those facing adversities such as drug and alcohol abuse, it helps to reduce the potential for offending or, in some cases, re-offending. The combination of counseling, housing, mentoring and instructing, is able to support those who want and need to make the transition. It is a risk management/reduction plan as well as the means through which youth can find themselves, reduce anxieties about the adult role and do more than simply function in a community or society.

What Are The Intended Goals of ILPs?

The intent of any ILP in Boulder is to provide young adults with a certain skill set. It may also include:

  • Financial assistance – These may be intended to pay the rent, for transportation costs and any other expenses related to living on their own
  • Training in various aspects of independent living for young adults
  • Counseling – in such aspects as substance abuse, family and inter and intra personal relationships and mental health issues
  • Vocational training
  • Educational training and planning
  • Coaching in life skills – This includes money management, goal setting, the development of life plans and other similar skills necessary to live independently
  • Building self-worth and esteem – Without this, a youth cannot achieve his or her full potential

In fact, the singular goal of ILPs is to help young adults transition into a life and being that will be able to move ahead successfully, becoming an emotionally, physically and mentally stable individual functioning in today’s community.

Independent Living for Young Adults

ILPs are a means of promoting productive outcomes for various youths. They are there to help those at risk from becoming a statistic. They exist to help them become self-aware and able to stand on their own without resorting to self-destructive behavior. With the help of government, local organizations, therapists and other concerned individuals and groups, independent living for young adults is a method of guiding and preparing the youth in cities such as Boulder and St Louis, youth to learn how to live their lives positively – emotionally, physically and mentally.