Faulty gas caps can cause your “check engine” light to come on! A lot of people are not aware that when that dreaded check engine indicator appears on the dashboard, it may be simply a matter of faulty gas cap. Your gas cap does more than keep the fuel from spilling out. The gap keeps the pressure in and keeps the fuel system moving along as it should. A faulty gas cap can:

  • Cause vapor lock in your motor (this can be very bad)
  • Be the culprit behind your “check engine” light
  • Reduce your overall gas mileage

You probably do not realize it, most people do not, but a faulty fuel cap can leak up to 30 gallons of year into the atmosphere by way of vapor. That kind of loss can quickly add up and more importantly can cause some damage to the environment.

Of course, the mechanical issues that can be caused by a faulty gas cap can turn out to be very expensive repairs which could largely be avoided by simply ensuring that your fuel cap is in good working condition.

Lock It Up

Another reason you may want to consider buying a new fuel cap is so that you have the option of locking up your fuel. With the cost of fuel on the rise unfortunately more and more people are finding that their fuel has been siphoned right out of their vehicle. You can keep your fuel where it should stay, in your vehicle by simply adding a locking cap that thieves are unable to get past.

MotoRad offers a wide range of standard and locking caps that meet federal regulations and standards.  It is a simple way to take care of your vehicle and avoid issues.