Important Information on Gum Health Through Dentistry in Waikiki


When most people think of keeping their oral health strong, they focus more on their teeth than gums. While keeping your teeth strong and healthy is extremely important, your gum tissue health is equally important. Your gum tissue provides blood flow and nutrients to your teeth. Without healthy gum tissue, the health of your teeth can begin to suffer. This is why it is imperative you know how to properly care for your gums and know how to spot the common conditions that can affect your gum health. If you do notice issues arising, the dentistry in Waikiki can care for your gums, so your oral health is protected.

What Conditions Can Affect Your Gum Health?

1. One of the first conditions people may experience affecting their gum health is gingivitis. This condition causes swelling, redness and irritation in the gum tissue. Fortunately, the condition is fairly easy to treat and can be easily reversed. You will need to take action to make sure you provide your teeth and gums with the best in care. You should brush and floss your teeth at least twice a day and rinse with an antibacterial mouth rinse. Your dentist may also give you a special medicated mouth rinse, to help heal your gums. Once your gum tissue is healed, you can avoid this condition by practicing good oral hygiene habits and brushing in horizontal movements instead of vertical. Vertical brushing can push plaque under your gum tissue, causing irritation and even infection.
2. Another condition your gum tissue may face is much more serious and difficult to treat. When periodontal disease begins, it immediately begins to cause problems with the health of your gums. As pockets of infection form around your teeth, they can cause them to loosen and eventually fall out. This infection can spread and could even affect the health of your heart. It is imperative you know the signs of this disease and get treatment from dentistry in Waikiki as soon as you can. Periodontal disease causes severe irritation, bleeding, swelling, pain, pus drainage and tooth loss. These signs should never be overlooked.

If you suspect your gum tissue is facing health concerns, visit Through the dentist, you can regain your oral health and prevent further damage and tooth loss.