Why Choose Brooklyn Luxury Apartment Rentals?

by | May 15, 2014 | Real Estate

Living in the Greater New York City area offers lots of options on neighborhoods to choose to serve as home base. While some prefer living in the suburbs and commuting in for work and playtime suits some, Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals are the top choice for others.

Why choose Brooklyn over other areas of the city?

Here are just a few reasons why this area is the most popular in the whole of New York City:

The Neighborhoods

Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals are located in neighborhoods that are vibrant with activity and culture. This area is famed for its stunning architecture, close-knit local communities and excellent blend of diverse cultures. Here luxury apartment communities sit side-by-side with long standing homes and neighborhoods loaded with historic brownstones.

The Things to Do

Brooklyn is favored by so many because of the many things it offers residents and visitors alike to see and do. Not only is it home to many businesses and restaurants, it’s also a playground for those with a love of culture, the outdoors and history. Some of the highpoints those living in Brooklyn luxury apartment rentals get to enjoy on a regular basis include:

  • The Brooklyn Museum – The city’s second largest art museum, this space boasts 1.5 million objects. Its collection includes Egyptian masterpieces, contemporary works and much more.
  • Prospect Park – An oasis of beauty in the middle of the city, this park boasts 585 acres of land. It’s home to an Audubon center, the Prospect Park Zoo and the Celebrate Brooklyn Performing Arts Festival. Brooklyn’s only forest happens to be located here and park goers can even enjoy a day of pedal boating or bird watching.
  • Luna Park – This reinvention of Coney Island invites Brooklyn residents to get out and play. With roller coasters and lots of other rides, it’s a stunning destination on the water.

The Apartments

Brooklyn luxury apartment are designed to make coming home a pleasure for their residents. The very best offer highly modern amenities coupled with old fashion service, such as 24-hour doorman coverage. In addition, these self-contained communities also boast onsite fitness centers, game areas, lounges and more to bring residents together and help create a sense of neighborhood.

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