Why It Is Important To Find A Divorce Attorney In Bristol, CT


The state of Connecticut requires all petitioners to fulfill their residency requirements before filing for a divorce. This requirement implies that the parties both lived in the state for at least one year. Exceptions imply that at least one party was domicile when the marriage occurred or either party utilized a permanent address in the state throughout the marriage. You should Find Divorce Attorney in Bristol CT to ensure that you fulfill this requirement.

Connecticut Divorce Laws

Any member of the armed forces is required to file for a divorce in the state in which they are stationed or were stationed prior to an overseas deployment. Alternately, a spouse of an armed forces member cannot receive a final decree for the divorce until the member responses to the summons. All active-duty military personnel have the right to wait sixty days following the return from a deployment to answer a divorce summons. They, equally, have the right to waive their rights to attend a divorce hearing, if they agree with the terms of the divorce.

To achieve an uncontested divorce, both parties must agree to the terms of the divorce agreement. This includes the grounds for which divorce was filed. In no-fault grounds, the parties are agreeing that the marriage suffered an irretrievable breakdown, or they have lived apart for at least eighteen months prior to filing.

Fault-based grounds require evidence or a signed declaration from the defendant swearing that the grounds are valid. These occurrences include but are not limited to adultery, desertion for at least one year, and habitual intemperance. In cases where fraud or intolerable cruelty are the grounds, the plaintiff must secure evidence of these occurrences to present to a judge.

For example, fraud-based accusations could include false statements about the defendant’s age or identity. Intolerable cruelty is most often proven by physical evidence, domestic violence reports, and photographs. Mental illnesses in which the defendant has been detained in a facility for at least one year offer grounds for a divorce as well. You should Find Divorce Attorney in Bristol CT to file a petition for fault-based grounds in these proceedings.