Important Facts to Know when Obtaining Loans in St. Louis


With the struggling economy, more people than ever are seeking a short-term solution to their money woes. As a result, they seek Loans in St. Louis from pawn shops, such as Sam Light Loan Company. This provides an excellent solution to borrow money on something that you own, and have the ability to pay back the loan and have the item returned to you. While this is becoming much more main stream, there are a few things that you should know prior to visiting a pawn shop.

Ignore the Bad Image

There are many pawn shops that have earned the reputation of being scary or shady places. Additionally, there are many people that have the misconception that a pawn shop is dirty and seedy, but modern shops offer a much different atmosphere. These shops are regulated by local, state and federal laws and the majority of them are well-lit, just as any other retail location and clean. If you are seeking a quality pawn shop and still have reservations about the quality of service you will receive, consider checking with the Better Business Bureau prior to deciding which one to visit.

The Loan Process

When you visit the pawnshop for the purpose of obtaining Loans in St. Louis, you will have to have some sort of collateral. This can be electronics, jewelry, or any other item of value that will provide security for the loan. If the pawnbroker is interested in the item you offer, you will receive a loan. The amount you receive will be only a fraction of what the item is actually worth, however well worth it if you are in a tight money situation and plan to pay the loan back quickly.

Repayment Process

It is important that you repay the loan in the specified time period, or you run the risk of losing the item. There are usually options to extend the period of the loan; however, it will add additional charges to the balance. This is why it is important to pay by the specified date.

Using a pawn broker for short term loans is becoming more and more popular. Also, you should remember that very few of these shops actually fit the persona they have received through the media, movies and other sources. Contact Sam Light Loan Company.