Identifying What To Expect With A Divorce Attorney In Sumner, WA

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In Washington, divorce petitioners make choices about the divorce case to achieve an uncontested divorce when possible. Certain aspects of the divorce must be determined by the couple when possible. If the case is contested, it could lead to a trial. A Divorce Attorney in Sumner WA prepares petitioners for their upcoming divorce case.

Managing Child Support Payments

Child support payments are calculated according to the income of both parents and the total number of children produced during the marriage. The standard for child support is ten percent for the first child and then five percent for each additional child. However, the child support payments cannot exceed sixty percent of the noncustodial parent’s income.

How Does a Simplified Divorce Work?

A simplified divorce is available for couples who don’t have any children and have limited marital assets. The divorce agreement doesn’t require the assignment of alimony, and each party leaves the marriage with what they had in the beginning. No one has to worry about child support payments. Each party manages their own debts, and they don’t have to share retirement benefits. The couple signs the documents in front of a clerk or attorney. The judge signs the final decree within one month.

What Assets are Protected in a Divorce?

Any assets that were accumulated through inheritance or placed in another party’s name are protected in a divorce. The parties don’t have a claim on the assets unless they were accumulated during the marriage. Typically, each party must contribute to the purchase of the asset unless it is the marital home.

Are Divorce Cases Linked to Criminal Cases?

If a petitioner filed criminal charges against their spouse, the criminal proceedings are linked to the civil case. If their spouse is convicted of spousal abuse or domestic violence, it is possible for the petitioner to receive more of the marital estate and acquire sole child custody.

In Washington, divorce petitioners choose the terms of their divorce agreement. The terms define which party receives certain assets and who receives child custody. Child support and alimony are also established in the divorce agreement. Petitioners who need help contact a Divorce Attorney in Sumner WA right now.

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