Identifying Domestic Violence Through Criminal Defense Law Firms in Kutztown, PA.


In Pennsylvania, domestic violence could hold a classification as a misdemeanor, or felony based on the severity of the crime. A higher number of these cases consist of spousal abuse, which has been a continuous cycle. Additional cause for an increase in these charges is the presence of minors and an existing order of protection. However, with stricter penalties on the rise in the state; false allegations have escalated.

What to Know When You’re Accused

There’s a conjunction between these criminal charges and civil cases. As an illustration, more parents are claiming that domestic violence was present to gain custody of their children. In these instances, the judge may grant an order of protection temporarily.

If the accuser doesn’t file formal charges and appear at their court date with proof, it’s likely the allegations are dismissed. However, the charges, whether you’re convicted or not, appear on your permanent record. If you’re accused of domestic violence contact criminal defense law firms in Kutztown, PA. immediately.

Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence has many faces, as criminal defense law firms in Kutztown, PA. will tell you. It is no longer contained to physical or sexual abuse. With further definitions of the crime, the courts now consider emotional and economical abuse as well.

Emotional abuse impacts the victim psychologically, targeting their self-esteem and worth. It’s necessary for them to acquire a mental evaluation. The findings establish evidence in these cases. If you’re unaware of the penalties associated with these crimes, you should consult criminal defense law firms in Kutztown, PA. today.

With economical abuse, the victim is rendered completely reliant on their attacker financially. This could indicate that the abuser was excessively controlling. Determining factors could be identified by gauging their reaction to certain stimuli. In these cases, the attacker seeks control on several levels, which includes access for the victim to anyone other than them.

Victims who have proof of these allegations could acquire a life-long protection order. This could require you to abide by terms such as supervised visitation with your children. If you were arrested and charged with domestic violence, you should contact the Law Offices of Paul S Missan.