Common Signs it is Time for an Auto Tune Up


Has it been a few years since you have had an Auto Tune Up? You should not leave well enough alone when it comes to your vehicle. The majority of modern vehicles have computers that may disguise malfunctions and then fail when the mechanical issues become too much to handle. However, being aware of the common issues a vehicle can have will help you know when it is time to invest in an Auto Tune Up In Phoenix, AZ.

Hard Starting

This is one of the most common signs that you are having vehicle trouble. This is typically the result of some type of maintenance that needs to be done. In many cases, the issue may be as simple as a starting sensor or even a choke mechanism. The key is to have a professional evaluate the situation to ensure that it is properly fixed.


This type of sound is typically heard when the engine is under a load, for example when you are going up a hill or accelerating. While it can also be caused by inferior gas, in many cases a knocking sound is signs that your engine is in need of services. This sound may also be traced to the computer that is in control of the ignition system.

Loss of Power

Do you know the last time that the fuel filter in your vehicle was changed? If you have a dirty filter in your vehicle then it can cause power loss. This will also result in poor gas mileage and there are a number of reasons that this can occur.


This may be caused by insufficient speed adjustments, dirty fuel system parts, a worn spark plug or other types of engine deficiencies. Having this issue repaired is essential for your vehicle to work properly.

When it comes to your vehicle, you should ensure it is properly maintained in order to ensure it runs efficiently. If you do not invest in regular maintenance it may cause the vehicle to break down long before it should. For more information, contact Cordes Performance Racing today and have your vehicle evaluated.