Ideas About funerals in Allentown, PA

Funeral Services

Funerals can be difficult for loved ones. The memories of moments spent with a loved one may fill hearts and minds of friends and family. It is a difficult time to make any decisions about anything. Whether someone has been ill for some time or has suddenly passed, the grief of losing someone can be a painful and individual process for everyone who knew the person.

Decisions usually need to be made when someone passes away. The funeral services matter to each person who attends. For some, it is the moment to say goodbye to a loved one. For others, the funeral is a time to relive personal memories of someone and for friends and family to join together mourning someone’s loss and sharing stories about a loved one. Honoring the life of someone who passed away also means providing the loved one’s desire for how their funeral and interment should be dealt with. For funerals in Allentown PA four main choices for how a loved one is interred are available.

Traditional burial with other family members can be available if provision has been made for interment there. Green burial allows someone to be buried so they can return to the earth without anything preventing natural processes. Placement within a vault or a crypt may also be a way to lay to rest a loved one.

Cremation allows for interment in a cemetery plot or mausoleum as well as placing ashes at locations that are important to the person who has passed away. Cremation also allows ashes to be dispersed in places where traditional burial is not available without special permissions, such as at a lake, ocean, or at a public park.

When a loved one’s remains are cremated, they can also be kept with family members. No matter the way someone wishes to have their remains placed, it can be useful to get help in the planning of a service from a company that has experience. For funerals in Allentown PA, there are different companies that can be selected to provide funeral services. To learn more about the services that are available contact a funeral service that is helpful in meeting the needs according to the wishes of someone who has passed.