HVAC Compressor Replacement Or Repair

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Nothing lasts forever. Sometimes even the highest-quality HVAC system breaks down. A part wears out or even simply dies. This is certainly true for compressors. Under such circumstances, the choice may be between an HVAC compressor replacement and a repair.

Look at the Situation

Determining whether your HVAC compressor requires repairing or replacement involves looking at the situation closely. You need to examine and weigh the various factors involved. Both the management company and the installer need to consider such aspects as:

 * Age – How old is the HVAC compressor and its system?

 * Maintenance and Servicing – Does the company have a maintenance program in place that is enforced? Do they regularly arrange for servicing of the HVAC unit? If the answers to both questions is a resounding “No!” replacement and not repair may be the right route to take

 * Repair History – How often has the HVAC system, including the compressor, been repaired? If the repairs are piling up, it is probably time to replace the existing system as it is not likely to improve with more repairs

 * Efficiency – How efficient is the current system? Would replacing it with a newer one improve energy efficiency and, therefore be cost-effective?

 * Cost – Sometimes, an HVAC compressor replacement is going to prove to be more costly to be affordable for the current budget; other times, repairing will simply be throwing good money after bad.

Considering these and other relevant factors will help make the decision clearer.

HVAC Compressor Replacement or Repair

Repair versus replace, is an ongoing battle. HVAC providers to commercial concerns need to consider the existing situation from all sides before they make an informed decision. Deciding on one or the other will have a major impact on the customer. However, if honest consultation occurs, the decision in favor of either an HVAC compressor replacement or repair will produce a positive result for all involved parties.