Hire a Criminal Attorney in Salisbury, MD Whether You’re a Resident or Just Vacationing


It’s important to hire the best possible legal representation available when an individual is charged as a juvenile, adult or vacationer. Whatever the crime is, it could have lasting ramifications on an individual’s life. A juvenile record isn’t made public, but if it’s a serious offense they could be charged as an adult. Although misdemeanors aren’t as serious as a felony, they will still remain on an individual’s adult record forever unless it’s expunged. Burglary, shoplifting, robbery and other types of theft can eliminate someone from being eligible for employment in the future. A criminal attorney in Salisbury, MD will fight for the best possible outcome to a case from beginning to end.

As soon as someone is arrested, they should contact a criminal attorney in Salisbury, MD. The arraignment and bond hearing is a great time for an attorney to find out how solid the evidence is against an individual. It’s a great time to argue a client’s case with the prosecutor and the judge. The arraignment and bond hearing usually set the tone for the entire case. A criminal attorney will discuss the case with the prosecutor and analyze the evidence to determine if it’s solid or if there are weak links in the prosecution. They understand whether a case should go to trial or if they should work on the best plea deal possible.

Vacationers often think that if they’re arrested for a DUI or DWI, it won’t affect their license in their home state. Penalties can be applied in certain states, although the DUI or DWI was in Maryland. A criminal attorney will analyze if an individual was properly processed. If an individual refuses to submit to a breathalyzer, the individual will still be ordered to use an ignition interlock device for a year. Even if an individual refuses the test, they have the right to a hearing to determine if they can drive a vehicle for employment purposes. Second offense DUI or DWI’s carry much harsher penalties than first-time offenders.

If you’ve been arrested in Maryland for a criminal offense, don’t delay n receiving the legal advice you need. For more information, please visit the website.