How USPS Address Validation can strengthen your business

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A common problem for many businesses utilizing the postal service is the fact that many addresses they have in their database can be incorrect or redundant. If a significant portion of your mailing division is sending post to an empty or non-existent address, this amounts to a damaging loss of money and waste of time and resources. Having your business operating at an optimum level is crucial to getting ahead in the modern world, and USPS Address Validation can be a fundamental tool in your rise to the top. Cutting down on incorrect mailing can save you vast amounts of money over the course of a year, not to mention saving a significant amount of time and resources. Read below to learn more about the process of address validation and its implications for your business.

What actually is address validation?

Address validation consists of making sure the postal addresses you have in your database are correct and occupied. When businesses are dealing with vast amounts of data in their address databases, it is inevitable that some errors will be made and many of the addresses stored are in fact incorrect. Arranging for mail to be delivered to incorrect addresses can be a costly and time-consuming affair that causes problems not only for your business but for your postal service too. It is therefore of great importance to use USPS Address Validation to scan all the addresses you have on record and separate the true from the incorrect.

How does it work?

The entire process may sound very complicated to the untrained ear, and if attempted by an amateur business owner, could end in disaster. When managed by professional teams with years of expertise in the area, address validation is in fact a simple procedure. These professional services cross-reference your address database with certified national address banks to get rid of the incorrect addresses you have stored – some businesses are known to have up to 25% of their addresses marked down incorrectly, costing them vast amounts of extra mailing costs which are all for nothing.

What can an address validation service do for me?

A high quality address validation service uses the latest technology and software to perform the most thorough job possible on your database. Identifying the incorrect addresses is the main target in this process, though there are other bonuses to having your address database checked. Such services often perform excellent repairs to your database, such as formatting each address to match USPS standards, as well as correcting any spelling errors. Other excellent benefits also include the updating of your latitude and longitude fields to ensure your addresses are as exact and accurate as possible.

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