Cloud Computing Technology: An Overview

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According to a report published by, the year 2011 is the year of cloud computing, as it has already seen a remarkable 30 per cent increase in the adoption rates of cloud computing technology. Even though this upward trend is enough to mobilize more investment in clouds, one should understand all the advantages they can capitalize on, before approaching a reliable vendor.

Pros of Adopting Cloud Computing Technology

The following benefits make cloud computing technology attractive to businesses:

Minimum resource commitment: Going cloud can be a very worthy solution for people with resource constraints.  You don?t need to buy more data storage or invest in encryption for separate files and folders. To access cloud computing technology, you would require basic computing hardware and software and an internet connection. Also for the time when cloud is not being used, the same bandwidth can be used for other activities.

Easy exchange of data: Cloud computing technology stores all its data on the cloud. This could be understood as a central server where all the data is collected. Since the data is not restricted to one remote location and gets updated on the cloud after each business activity, personnel, clients, stakeholders with access information can access it anytime. But a log must be maintained to ensure accountability and even though access is provided to people, few should have the power to modify data on the cloud.

Not restricted to a particular industry: Cloud technology is a very agile platform which can be applied across various industries. While an organization may decide to change, expand or diversify its businesses, the existing cloud services can still be used with minor modifications.

Alter Scalability: Cloud computing technology lets you alter your scale as per business cycles. This means that along with work force now infrastructure can also be adjusted according to changing demand. This would result in huge savings in terms of operational expenses.

No capital expenditures: The best and most motivating factor behind using cloud computing technology is the sharing of resources. This leads to savings on account capital expenditures, the same money can be invested elsewhere to earn money for the business?s future requirements.

Quick boot up: Since the cloud platform is on a shared network which is always up and running, it ensures no time is taken in booting up the same. This saves precious time. This time may seem to be insignificant but five minutes per day for two hundred days round up to be thousand productive minutes for every employee. This would add up to be a lot of man hours.

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