How Urgent Care Streamlines Electronic Health Records


When it comes to emergency care, urgent care and medical practice operations, you want to make sure your electronic health records (EHR) are up to date and easy to access. Many emergency rooms and medical offices lose valuable revenue because of inefficient electronic record keeping. Now, one company has streamlined the EHR process to make it easier than ever for medical and billing personal to have all the information they need. That company, Pulse Check, now offers its innovative Urgent Care EHR product.

Use cloud-based technology, you can now have your entire team access your EHR system without having to upgrade your system’s hardware or software. In fact, you can set up this entire system in a matter of weeks. The system is as simple to use as a smartphone app. That means all of your personal can easily access, update and get real-time information from all of your patient’s records. That also means you can quickly move patients from the waiting room to the patient room or patient bed and have all of their information ready for medical personal. With our Rapid Chart Template, your team can customize patient charts to fit your practice’s specific needs.

Rest assured that Pulse Check uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that all Urgent Care EHR records are secure while easily accessible. We offer long term as well as month-to-month contract options. Finally, we have a number of pricing options available that will fit almost any budget. Whether you prefer a monthly subscription or per-transaction pricing, we can work with you. Overall, Pulse Check has the experience and technolgy to streamline all of your electronic health records.

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