How to Increase your Handbag Sales

by | Feb 14, 2014 | Shopping

Handbags are second only to shoes when it comes to a favorite fashion accessory for women. When purchasing your Wholesale Handbags it is important to consider your inventory and look for opportunities to upsell as well as offer add on sales opportunities. Here are some ideas to help you increase your handbag sales.

Buy Smart

The first and most important step is to ensure you are buying smart. For example if you specialize in business clothes you are less likely to sell bright yellow bags. Look at the fashion trends and what you have purchased and look for opportunities to match outfits to encourage more sales. Although people may come in specifically for a bag if you specialize in clothes this is less likely. Therefore carrying complementary items is the best way to increase your odds of increasing your average basket. Even if you are a good buyer and pride yourself in spotting the next hot trend be sure you buy it in reasonable quantities so you are not left literally holding the bag just to be safe.

Display Smart

Once you have the perfect inventory use displays to encourage upselling and add on sales. Put together outfits that work well with each handbag wherever you can throughout the store as well as in windows. Consider having color coordinated vignettes where you have all orange, all turquoise and all white displays or whatever colors dominate your inventory. Make sure there are handbags within reach of displays so customers do not have to look through the whole store and get discouraged if it is not easy to find.

Sell Smart

Keep an eye on customers, what they are trying on and what they are buying. Be ready at the register with a bag that will be perfect for their purchase. Wait outside the change room and offer the bag for them to try with a pair of shoes or outfit. Knowing what your customers are doing is not only good for loss prevention but allows you to offer ideas to keep them looking great and want to come back for more.

Buy smart. Display smart. Sell smart. These are three ideas to assist in upping your sales as well as improving your customer service.

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