How to Find Top Car Buyers


Once you’ve made the decision to sell your car, the next thing you need to decide is whether you’re going to sell it privately, or to a dealer. By “dealer,” we mean any one of the following:

* a motor vehicle auctioneer
* a second-hand car dealer
* Your motor vehicle’s insurer, if you have settled a claim for total loss
* a finance company with a financial interest in the car
* a motor vehicle dismantler or scrap yard

If you decide to sell your vehicle to professional car buyers, San Jose has a lot of different dealers from which to choose from. Conventional wisdom dictates that you choose well-establish dealers who have spent many years building up a good reputation by offering excellent customer service.

However, newer dealerships will be eager to quickly establish a good reputation, so they shouldn’t be ignored in your search for good customer service.

Benefits of Selling to a Dealer
Whether you want to sell your vehicle outright for cash, or trade it in against the purchase of a new one, the benefits of using a dealer include:

* You don’t have to pay any listing or selling costs
* There is no wasting of time at work or home fielding calls or answering emails related to the sale of your vehicle
* You will pay less sales tax on your new car
* It’s hassle-free, fast and convenient

Getting Your Car Sale Ready
Before taking your vehicle to your chosen car buyers, it’s advisable to do a little homework. That way, you will have a good idea of what your vehicle is worth so you won’t end up accepting a below-value price.

Your preparation should include:

* Making sure you have the car’s title, original sales paperwork and service records. If you haven’t kept your service receipts, ask your regular mechanic to print out a statement for you.
* Obtaining a realistic estimation of your car’s value. If you have too high a price in your mind, you’ll have trouble selling it. Ask your mechanic for an assessment and valuation.
* Fixing things such as brakes and worn tires, and giving your car a professional clean and polish.

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