Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Pool Maintenance In Long Island, NY

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When you have a swimming pool, it’s imperative that you perform regular maintenance. When your water lacks the proper chemicals, bacteria can live in your pool and make you or your family ill. Read the questions and answers below to learn more about maintaining your pool. To make sure that your pool is clean and safe, contact a company that specializes in Swimming Pool Maintenance in Long Island NY. You need to contact Sky Blue Pools Long Island NY for more details.

Q.) How often should chemicals be added to a swimming pool to ensure its safety?

A.) Test the water in your pool at least once every week to make sure the water has the correct chemical balance. A weekly shock treatment will help to keep algae from growing, which can cause the water to become green and slimy. Pool test strips will tell you which chemicals you need to add or if you have an overabundance of a certain chemical in your pool.

Q.) Is there a schedule to follow for proper pool maintenance?

A.) Use a long-handled net to clean leaves and debris out of your pool every day. Empty the bugs and dirt out of your skimmer basket once a day too. Clean your pool walls and floor with a swimming pool brush and vacuum out your pool at least once a week. Clean and vacuum every time there is a lot of debris in the pool due to the weather or if several people have been swimming in your pool.

Q.) What are some safety measures to follow when using pool chemicals?

A.) Put rubber gloves on when handling pool chemicals. Follow the directions on each container, and don’t put more chemicals in your pool than what is recommended. Don’t mix household chemicals, such as bleach, with your pool chemicals. If you don’t have the time to maintain your pool, contact a company that specializes in Swimming Pool Maintenance in Long Island NY.

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