How to Find the Right Place to Store Your Luxury Automobile


Some people have a passion for collecting luxury or classic automobiles that require specific care to ensure they stay in pristine condition. While prized autos may be frequently driven, it is important to make sure the automobile is stored properly to prevent damage from occurring to the vehicle when not in use. In addition to providing a secure place to keep the luxury car from being stolen by malicious individuals. One way of supplying the security and protection a prized automobile requires is by finding a facility that offers car storage units in Houston, TX that specializes in luxury cars.

Features to Search for with Automobile Storage

  • How long has the facility been operating and what type of reputation do they hold within the luxury automobile community?
  • How large of a building does a facility that offers car storage units in Houston, TX provide for their client? You want to select a company that provides a large storage space to place your auto in.
  • What type of security features does the company offer to help keep your auto secure from intruders?
  • Do they offer a climate-controlled facility that regulates the temperature inside the building to prevent your auto from being exposed to extreme cold or hot weather?
  • Are you able to pick your auto up at any time or do they have set hours set for you to come in?
  • Do they offer a discount for multiple luxury autos that you store with their company?

Comprehensive Security and Auto Care

ALARA Garage offers complete solutions for storing their clients’ prized automobiles. They provide a fully secured facility to ensure each clients’ automobile is safe with a 16-camera system. With remote access to the camera system, you can view your automobile any time you want over the internet. In addition to providing the care required to keep your auto looking exceptional with weekly exterior cleaning. Plus, they will start your car twice a month to protect the motor and prevent flat spotting with the tires by slightly moving the vehicle.