How to Choose the Best Art Shipping Service

Moving and Storage

Having your pieces shipped can be a nerve wracking experience if you are unsure of the company you have hired to get your art to its destination. When looking for an art shipping service, you need to check on a few key areas before you let them near your art. These are just a couple of things to consider, but should give you a good place to start when you are looking for a company that offer art shipping in New York.


Does the company you are considering offer to package your art for you? Ideally, they will actually require this service for insurance reasons. If this is the case, then this is a company that takes the safety of your art seriously and is going to help you to keep it safe during transit. It is OK if you don’t require the service as long as they offer it. If a company does not offer a packaging service, then chances are you are giving up any type of protection if it is damaged during transit. This is because if they were insured then they would have to at least offer the service to keep their rates down, but if they don’t even offer it, chances are they are not insured and accept zero liability.


This is another important thing to consider. Before agreeing to work with a company, check and make sure that they are insured. You should also check to see exactly what their insurance covers and make sure that you are the recipient of the insurance money. If a company is not insured, you can almost guarantee they have a zero-liability clause in their contracts to protect themselves if something is damaged. This is generally seen as poor business practice, so don’t expect these companies to last very long.

These are just a couple of things to consider, but they should be the first things you check. As long as the company packages your art for you and is fully insured you should be safe shipping with them. Visit Art Pack.