Enlisting Help From A Company That Does Flooring Service in Tacoma WA

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Home Remodeling

When someone has an unfinished cement floor in their garage, they may want to enhance its appearance with a layer of epoxy. This can be applied to the floor by a professional Flooring Service in Tacoma WA for the best results. Here is a rundown of the steps a flooring service would take in improving the appearance of a garage floor with a layer of epoxy.

The Floor Would First Be Cleaned

It will be necessary for the homeowner to removal all personal items from the garage in anticipation of the covering of the cement. The flooring service would then take on the task of cleaning the cement floor in its entirety. This cleaning process will make it easier for them to find any flaws in the floor so they can be effectively repaired before the epoxy is applied. The cleaning procedure will also remove any debris from the floor, so the epoxy adheres properly.

Any Cracks Will Be Filled In

The flooring service will then take the time to fill any any cracks within the cement so after the epoxy is added, the floor will be completely smooth. This is done with a professional-grade epoxy cement. After this is applied, the cement will need time to cure and harden before the flooring service can continue with the project.

Epoxy Will Be Applied To The Floor

The flooring service will start the application of the epoxy in a far corner of the garage and make their way to the doorway. The door will remain open during this process as epoxy is known to give off fumes. It is best to do the application process at a time when precipitation is not expected for several days, so moisture does not mar the surface of the new floor covering as it dries.

When a homeowner wishes to have a Flooring Service in Tacoma WA apply a new epoxy coating to their garage floor, they will want to hire someone with plenty of experience in this type of work. Contact Tracy’s Quality Painting Inc. today to schedule an appointment for service or to find out pricing.

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