How Much Compensation to Expect After Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney in Live Oak, FL

Personal Injury Attorney

When people start thinking about hiring a personal Injury Attorney in Live Oak FL, they may have unrealistic expectations about how much financial compensation they will receive. They may have looked up the average amount of personal injury compensation and discovered that it’s very high. But, the numbers can be greatly skewed because of the infrequent cases that bring in more than $1 million in compensation.

Expenses to Be Covered by a Settlement

Typically, injury cases are settled out of court. The compensation generally covers all medical expenses and other costs related to the accident as well as lost wages while the injured person could not work. Higher settlements are negotiated between the insurer and the Injury Attorney in Live Oak FL when the plaintiff has been left with some level of disability. A higher settlement also might include compensation for reduced quality of life, post-traumatic stress, or other intangible issues.

Dollar Amount Comparisons

The most notorious injury cases are the ones that people generally hear about because they receive media coverage. The large numbers of lower settlements that are negotiated every year don’t get any publicity. A person who was hurt in a slip-and-fall incident might receive $50,000 to cover medical bills for a broken arm, lost wages during recovery, and housekeeping service until the arm heals. This kind of scenario will not make the news, however.

A Legitimate Average

In fact, $50,000 could be viewed as a legitimate number for the average settlement amount when discounting the abnormally high court awards that might have included punitive damages for very serious wrongdoing by those responsible. But, that doesn’t mean a person whose medical bills didn’t exceed $3,000 and who was only off of work for a few days will deserve that amount of compensation.

Hiring a Lawyer

If the individual, business or insurance company responsible for providing compensation is uncooperative, hiring a personal injury lawyer like Duane E. Thomas can help. It becomes clear that the injured person is not going to give up so easily. More information on this particular attorney can be viewed at, and free consultations are provided.

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