Details About Filing Claims You Should Discuss With An Auto Accident Lawyer


In Pennsylvania, auto accident victims may face some restrictions when it comes to filing injury claims. These restrictions are often associated with no-fault systems and comparative fault. The following are details about these systems and other answers victims acquire through an Auto Accident Lawyer.

Is the Ruling at the Scene Always Upheld in Court?

No, in some instances, the officers miss vital steps involved in the accident and identify the wrong driver as at fault. While the state utilizes a no-fault system, some accident injuries lead to litigation. When a legal claim is filed, the drivers involved in the accident must provide information to determine the identity of the accountable driver.

What is a No-Fault System?

These systems require all automobile owners to purchase liability coverage as well as personal injury protection. These policies are necessary to reduce the potential of a lawsuit. Typically, under these systems, victims are allowed to sue if the other party doesn’t have coverage or if they sustain more serious injuries. These injuries include loss of limb, loss of function, broken bones, or disfigurement.

What is the Responsibility of Each Party Under These Systems?

Each party is required to file a claim with their auto insurance and personal injury protection. They must provide payment to the other party if they caused property damage. In most cases, the PIP insurance provides adequate coverage for mild to moderate injuries.

What is the Statute of Limitations for These Cases?

The victim has up to two years to file a lawsuit if the accident involved a private party. If the accident involved a public official or public transportation, they are limited to one year to file a lawsuit. If they fail to meet these deadlines, they are unable to file any additional claims to seek compensation.

In Pennsylvania, auto accident victims need to start a claim quickly if they qualify for litigation. They need to collect all details and documents for their injuries and property damage. This information determines what compensation level is available to them. Victims who need an Auto Accident Lawyer visit Domain URL for more info now or to schedule an appointment. You can also follow them on Twitter for more updates.