How Is Custody in Paulding County Determined?

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In Georgia, child custody is established according to the most appropriate setting for the child. Couples who are unable to reach an agreement about child custody can attend a custody hearing. The judge makes a determination based on several factors. A local attorney provides assistance for couples who are fighting for custody in Paulding County.

The Relationship Between the Child and the Parents

A caseworker evaluates the interactions between the child and their parents. The child has the right to present their preferences based on a close relationship with either parent. The child custody arrangement shouldn’t place a strain on close relationships between children and their parents. However, it shouldn’t prevent the other parent from spending adequate time with the child.

The Living Environment

The living environment offered by each parent is evaluated by the caseworker. Their home provides adequate space for the child and a suitable living environment. Child Protective Services provides guidelines for children that must be met properly. The judge reviews the guidelines and the caseworker’s findings.

The Ability to Support the Child

The income of the parents is reviewed to determine who could support the child more effectively. The income won’t prevent a parent from receiving child custody. The assessment determines the exact responsibilities of each parent. An income assessment also helps the court calculate child support payments.

Potential Risks and Hazards

The caseworker is responsible for identifying any potential risks or hazards that place the child in harm’s way. Common instances of a risk include but are not limited to addiction, domestic violence, and involvement in criminal behaviors.

Caseworkers are trained to identify serious issues that lead to neglect or abuse of a child. Any indicators of the behavior patterns are reported to the judge prior to the custody hearing. The caseworker’s findings affect the final determination.

In Georgia, child custody arrangements offer both parents with adequate parenting time. Joint child custody is the most common form of child custody arrangement. However, when risks are present, one parent receives sole custody. Under the circumstances, the noncustodial parent receives supervised visitation with the child. Parents who need more information about custody in Paulding County should visit Website Domain and schedule an appointment now.