Do you dread the thought of checking your mail each day because of the countless number of bills you receive? Perhaps, the sound of your phone ringing makes you cringe anymore because you know it is a debt collector calling. No one ever wants to suffer from financial hardships, however, they do occur and avoiding debt collectors will not solve your problem. Eventually, the entity you owe money to will try to repossess the property they sold you or they will place your account with a collection agency. Once placed with the agency your credit score will reflect your inability to pay for the service. When you are struggling to pay your bills and need to find financial relief, you should consult one of the Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in St. Petersburg, FL.

Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy

  • Immediately puts a stop to bill collectors contact you and prevents the endless harassment by them.
  • You can keep a specific amount of personal property that cannot be liquidated to pay your past due bills.
  • Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys in St. Petersburg, FL can help you rebuild your credit.
  • Prevents your wages from being garnished by debt collectors.
  • Relieves you of unwanted stress caused by financial trouble.

Consult with a Lawyer Today!

If you are tired of the endless calls from debt collectors, or the stack of past due notices you receive in the mail. The Law Offices of Robert M. Geller has the solution that you have been looking for. One of their skilled attorneys can provide the valuable information you need to know what options are available to find financial relief. They are devoted to assisting you in making the right choice to meet your specific needs and handle the bankruptcy process for you.