How Doctors and Patients Benefit From PET Imaging in California


Since the mid-1990s, PET scans have been used in doctors offices to diagnose health conditions and layout treatment plans for patients. Here are a few of the benefits that doctors and patients receive when using cardiac PET imaging to diagnose illness and decide on the right treatment plan.

While biopsies and exploratory surgeries can provide benefits, these options are invasive and have a variety of downsides. PET scans are a great alternative to biopsies and exploratory surgeries. This imaging will look at metabolic functions. This information can be helpful when seeing how far diseases have spread, which means that exploratory surgeries and biopsies may not be necessary. The risk of infection is completely eliminated.

When it comes to most diseases, early detection plays a huge role in helping a person enjoy a high quality of life and beat the disease. Cardiac PET imaging studies heart function through biochemical processes that result in the early detection of disease. It is often possible to detect the disease with PET scans long before a patient exhibits symptoms. These tests are also useful in the early detection of neurological illnesses, like Alzheimer’s and epilepsy.

One concern that that patients often expressed when a doctor recommends a CT scan is that they do not like the idea of being exposed to a large dosage of radiation. PET scans are safer in comparison to CT scans. The exposure to radiation is lower.

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