How Can the Chiropractors in St Louis Treat Your Headaches?


Headaches, especially when they are chronic in nature, can be debilitating. Chronic headaches can leave you unable to cope with the normal everyday aspects of life. If you are dealing with chronic headaches, it could be a sign your spine is not in proper alignment. This issue can occur because of injury, stress and improper posture habits. To correct your alignment issues, you need to seek treatment from the chiropractors St Louis. A chiropractor can perform a chiropractic adjustment. This will move your vertebrae into their proper positions, so you can find relief from your ongoing headaches.

Why are Headaches Caused By Subluxations?

Not all headaches are caused by subluxations, but they often are. When subluxations occur in the spinal vertebrae, they can cause the nerves and soft tissues in your neck to become compressed. This can cause you to be in pain in your head and neck. If these subluxations are not corrected, they will continue to cause you chronic pain and could result in nerve damage. This is why it is important to have chiropractors St Louis perform adjustments on your spine when you are experiencing any type of musculoskelatal or neuroskeletal pain. Visit site for complete details on professional Chiropractors in St Louis.

To perform a chiropractic adjustment, the chiropractor will use very precise and gentle movements, to find the subluxation and correct it. When your cervical vertebrae are put back into their proper positions, you can immediately feel a sense of relief from the pain. Unfortunately, the spine is prone to moving back out of position, so most people end up needing ongoing treatments. These treatments can help to stop your headache occurrences and allow you to rely less on pain medications.

If you are suffering with chronic headaches or even migraines, chiropractic care can be beneficial. It can be helpful to undergo a chiropractic evaluation, so you can learn if subluxations are causing your pain. For more information or to schedule your consultation, contact the Back & Neck Care Center of North County. They can provide you with the chiropractic care that will help to move your vertebrae back into their natural positions, so you can find relief of pain and better health.