How an Epson Printer Can Help Save Space at Your Workstations


From retail stores to banks, various businesses need an efficient way to process their checks and print receipts for their customers. With the amount of equipment that is required to complete a transaction, you can quickly find the workstation cluttered with machines. This can make it challenging for the employee while they try to work with various equipment displayed on their counter. With an Epson Printer, you can organize your business and provide a fast way to complete your transactions. By providing a quick way to process a payment, this can lead to higher customer satisfaction that will keep them returning to your business.

Compact and Easy to Use

An Epson Printer is designed to process check payments by quickly reading the MICR on the checks. This allows for fast approval and with a built-in printer, you can print a receipt or casher’s check form the same machine. This eliminates the extra space that is required for a check scanner and printer that is needed in a workstation. The printer can print up to 300mm per seconds and provide a receipt that is easy to read. With how fast the machine operates, it lowers customer wait time and keeps the line moving.

Place Your Order Online Today to Save Money

UniLink’s primary focus is finding the right solution for businesses and providing them with reliable equipment. From document scanners to printers, they customize each client’s order to fit their company. You can obtain the supplies you need to reduce the number of machines at each workstation and provide a more efficient way to process a customer’s payment. In addition to quality hardware and software, they deliver valuable support to ensure each clients’ equipment works properly and to help troubleshoot any problem they may experience.

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