How A Bail Bond Agent In Oklahoma City Can Help When A Person Ends Up Behind Bars

Bail Bonds

There is nothing scarier then ending up behind bars and not knowing when a person will be released. Fortunately, most jail systems will allow a person to post bond, which will enable them to go free until their mandatory court appearance in the future.

Bond amounts can range anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 or more, and obtaining this sum of money quickly can be nearly impossible. A Bail Bond Agent in Oklahoma City will be there to help and will make it easy for friends or family to obtain the money needed to secure a person’s release from jail.

Bond Application Process

The first step to obtaining a bond is to apply and pay any fees related to the transaction. The amount due out of pocket can vary depending on the total cost of the bond and the related charges, but most accept credit cards, checks, and cash as forms of payment. The application is easy to complete, and most can be processed in as little as 15 minutes to have a person free in less than an hour.

After Release

The events that follow can quickly become overwhelming, as there will be court appearance and meetings with lawyers. A Bail Bond Agent in Oklahoma City will provide a court liaison who can offer support through the next steps and will appear in court with the individual. Facing criminal charges of any kind can be terrifying, but having someone standing by to offer help can provide peace of mind.

Satisfying the Bond

To satisfy the bond and repay the money used to secure a person’s release from jail, they must show up to their required court dates. Until the bond has been repaid, the court liaison will stay in contact with the individual to make sure that they are aware of their impending court dates and to answer any questions they may have as a case progresses.

Landing in jail is scary, but a bail bond can help give a person their freedom back. The team at Ken Boyer Bail Bonds has more than 40 years of experience in the bond industry and can help anyone obtain their freedom. Contact them today to learn more and see how quickly they can have anyone out of jail.