Hiring An Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County ,NY

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

It is urgent that you hire a Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County ,NY if your live is at risk. A judge presiding over divorce proceedings issues an order of protection when a spouse is a dangerous risk to his or her spouse or children. These orders may include stipulations related to visitation and participation within activities that could produce adverse results. For example, if the spouse has a history of domestic violence or substance abuse problems, the order may require that he or she refrain from using these substances and require supervised visitation.

Acquiring a Protection Order

Your first step is to secure an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY. In divorce proceedings in which your spouse is an imminent threat to you or your children, your attorney may address the judge to acquire a protection order. This order demands that your spouse refrain from visiting any locations in which you or your children live or visit regularly. Child visitation is supervised by an officer of the court within these orders. Any dangerous activities in which your spouse may present a further risk are restricted.

Any violations of the terms of the protection order are considered a criminal act and will result in an arrest. If your spouse threatens you or your children after this order is established, the judge may provide protection from law enforcement agencies for you and your children.

Local Representation

The Law Office of Mitchell M Shapiro can secure an order of protection for any individual who feels that their spouse is a significant threat to themselves or their children. Your selected attorney within this law firm will petition the court to acquire this order and discuss these matters with the judge presiding over your case. If you wish to file for a divorce and require a protection order, you should contact this law firm immediately.


An order of protection is issued by a judge to protect a spouse during divorce proceedings. In cases where domestic or child abuse has been established, your attorney can address the judge of probable risks to your health or well-being. At any time, hat your spouse becomes an imminent threat the judge will issue this order stipulating rules that your spouse must follow. Failure to comply with a protection order is grounds for immediate arrest. For further information, consult an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY.

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