Commercial Air Conditioning in Edmond, OK: Four Things That Can Make your Warranty Invalid

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Heating and Air Conditioning

As part of increasing worker’s productivity, many industrial and commercial property owners are now investing in air conditioners. Part of this could also be attributed to the fact that they are quite easy to maintain and low energy consumption. However, it is often good that you ensure that the products come with a warranty. However, did you know that there are terms that can affect your warranty? Here are some of the few you will need to know before installing any Commercial Air Conditioning in Edmond, OK.


Some of the companies will require that you register your warranty. Often, there will be a time limit. If this is not done during this time, your warranty may lose its value. Thus, it is good to ensure that you confirm all these details before you purchase the AC.


The secret of great performance lies in its installation. Sometimes, if you hire amateurs, chances are quite high that the appliance will be poorly installed. This may in turn affect the performance of the system. In these cases, this may void the warranty of the appliance. At the end of the day, do not compromise the quality of the appliance by hiring unqualified technicians.


There are times you will need to replace some of the worn parts. In such cases, it is often good that you buy the parts from the same dealer. At the end of the day, there is no company that will guarantee parts that are from another manufacturer. This will greatly affect the warranty.

Investing in maintenance

It is often recommended that you maintain an appliance at least once in a year. This is part of ensuring that the system remains in a good condition. However, the warranty may be invalid if you fail to maintain the system. In the same way, maintenance will also help you as it will reduce the energy bills and eliminate costly repairs in the future.

Benchmark Mechanical Inc understand the benefits of a warranty. Thus, they advice their consumers on the need to ensure that they do not void the warranty. With around 80 years of experience, their goal is to provide high quality services on Commercial Air Conditioning in Edmond, OK. Without doubt, their services will leave you impressed.

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