Hiring A Family Law Attorney In Wichita, KS To End Your Marriage


Residents of Kansas that are ready to file for a divorce must fulfill residency requirements. This implies that he or she has lived in the area for at least six months prior to file a petition. By fulfilling these requirements, the plaintiff can eliminate possible hold-ups due to jurisdiction. Any resident who has lived in the state throughout their marriage and have remained in the area are required to file the divorce petition in the county in which the husband is a resident. To file for a divorce the resident should contact a Family Law Attorney in Wichita KS.

Ending a Marriage in Kansas

Traditional grounds for a divorce include an irretrievable breakdown of the marriage or fault-based allegations. At any time that the petitioner can prove that the marriage resulted from their incapacity to consent could be eligible for an annulment if they have not exceeded the one-year limitation. For example, if they are mentally ill or were intoxicated at the time that the marriage took place, this option is possible. Proof of these occurrences are necessary and eye-witness accounts are beneficial to their case.

Further stipulations for an annulment include impotence, age, and fraud. For example, if a couple were married due to a pregnancy and the husband discovers that the child was not his, the marriage can be annulled. This concept is also used for divorce cases. The inability to consummate the marriage due to impotence that was hidden from the wife can result in either action based on the duration of the marriage. Any marriage in which either party was under the legal age and did not receive parental consent are nullified.

Common grounds for divorce cases where fault is addressed are domestic violence, infidelity, and abandonment. These allegations require the petitioner to present proof in court. He or she is required to attend a hearing to finalize the divorce; proof is submitted to the court at this time. The defendant has the opportunity to deny these claims and present their own proof to discredit these claims. Both parties should acquire a Family Law Attorney in Wichita KS to represent them and their interests.