Hiring an Attorney When You Have Limited Financial Resources


Sometimes we put ourselves in situations that we don’t have to. If you are in need of legal assistance but do not have the means to pay for it, there are programs set up to assist you. It is possible to receive assistance that are priced lower than the average legal fees. These may not be programs that you are readily familiar with but if you do a bit of research you are sure to find a program that will work for your situation. One of the best places to turn, when you are looking for anything, is the public library. They not only have books that can point you in the right direction but most have computers that you are able to access, free of charge. Take the time to research the various programs that are in your area and take advantage of the lower costs, or in some cases no cost, services offered.

What Programs to Research

If you have limited financial resources, you may want to begin your research by searching for free representation. There are many legal aid programs set up to assist those who cannot afford to pay these expenses. They are funded by federal grants. They offer help from both attorneys and paralegals who provide free services to anyone that qualifies. In order to qualify for the services that are provided, your income must be below a specified amount, determined by each state. There are also attorneys who do pro bono work. Through your local Bar Association, you are paired with a lawyer willing to assist you with your case. Non-profits also have lawyers who commit a certain amount of their time to working on pro bono cases. This is a huge benefit to those who need such services. Again, you will likely be required to give proof of your income in order to qualify. Sometimes you may not know for sure if you actually need legal representation or if there is something you can do on your own. Contact a legal clinic and you can find out for sure. This type of clinic offers free advice from paralegals and lawyers. This is a good way to have your questions answered so that you can find out whether you actually need to hire someone to handle your case.