Hiring A Minnesota Car Accident Attorney


There are many different types of vehicle accidents, and some are very limited in the damage and the actual monetary cost of the incident. Other accidents can be very significant and can result in injuries that cause lifelong disabilities. There can even be the loss of life in a vehicle crash, which is always a very difficult time for the family.

With simple types of fender-bender accidents in Minnesota, a car accident attorney is usually unnecessary. The driver’s insurance company assesses the damage to the vehicle and, according to the policy, provides the compensation.

In accidents with more serious injuries or the tragic loss of life, hiring car accident attorney is often an important step. These legal professionals represent those injured in the crash or their survivors to ensure full and fair compensation.

Insurance Company Stalls and Lowball Offers

It is very common for an insurance company to make a speedy initial offer to settle a claim. This may seem like an advantage to the injured person with mounting medical costs and no income, but these early settlements do not address all the future lost wages and medical costs.

A car accident attorney works with the client to develop a realistic and fair value for the claim. The attorney then negotiates with the insurance company in an attempt to come to an agreeable settlement amount. This also keeps the process moving along and prevents the common practice of slowing down the process, which favors the insurance company.


While most car accident cases are settled out of court, having a Minnesota vehicle accident attorney on your side for representation for litigation is essential. The lawyer can gather and provide information to the court that proves your case and outlines the damages you are entitled to, based on the specifics of your case.