Hire DUI Defense Attorneys In Port Orchard WA


There are sometimes distinctions made between traffic court charges that arise from tickets and criminal court charges that come from people being arrested. In other situations, the traffic stop that may have been triggered by something as simple as a lane violation can result in an impaired driving charge against the motorist, a criminal case.

The crime of driving under the influence is one that has gotten a great deal of media attention in the recent past. The issue of public safety has been elevated to a national campaign due to the activism and vigilance of community groups that were started by people who suffered the pain of losing a loved one to an accident involving an impaired driver.

DUI Defense Attorneys in Port Orchard WA have the experience in the law and the local courts to represent defendants in impaired driving cases. The judges in the area courts are less and less tolerant of drivers who have repeatedly been cited for driving under the influence and even first time offenders can be viewed quite sternly if their case is particularly egregious.

There are always unique circumstances that surround the traffic stop or other facts that brought the driver to the attention of law enforcement in the first place. If the traffic stop was routine, with no accident and no minor aged children in the vehicle, there are sometimes options for your lawyer to negotiate on your behalf.

Only a specific consultation with an attorney can give you meaningful legal information about your case. The general trend for most defendants in a DUI case in Port Orchard will be that a first time offender with a simple traffic stop and no accident or other aggravating factors will mean that your lawyer may have some options to discuss with you.

In situations where there was an accident, injuries or if the driver has prior charges of impaired driving or other alcohol-related charges on their record, the choices that your lawyer has will be different. Only a lawyer who has access to your criminal record and the facts of this new charge can give you meaningful advice.