Certificates of Attestation Help Prove Identities or Qualifications

Consulate & Embassy

Many people find out that they need to get a certificate of attestation in Dubai, but they’re not exactly sure what the process entails or why it’s even necessary. People who are planning to live in other countries need to provide legal documents to prove that they are who they say they are and that they’re allowed to live in those countries.

Verify Authenticity

These legal documents will need to be verified in order to prove their authenticity. The process of verifying official documents is called attestation. Once documents are approved, they are legally allowed to be used for personal or business purposes in another country.

Personal Identity Documents

During certificate attestation in Dubai, the authorities will be looking at all types of personal information about the applicant. There are many types of documents that can be used during the attestation process. Personal documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, divorce certificates, passports, and other types of documentation are commonly used to back up applicant’s claims of who they are.

Business and Legal Documents

If applicants have businesses, documents like powers of attorney, certificates of incorporation, and various types of invoices can also be presented to prove that not only do they own or participate in a company but that they’re making money off of it. This is key information for people who are looking to conduct business overseas. Other documents that could be authenticated and used for verifying an applicant’s identity include educational documents like college degrees, high school diplomas, and professional certificates.