Divorce can certainly be a difficult time in life and this makes it important to consider other factors that may be part of the divorce. For instance, when children are involved, who gets custody of the child? This is a question that will require the assistance of the custody attorney in Newnan GA.
What the Child Wants?

Many courts are concerned with what the child wants and will ask a number of questions to obtain specific details in this area. Listed below are some questions the court will ask the child that is being considered in child custody:

1. What is the relationship between the child and the mother and father? Is there one parent the child would prefer to live with?
2. What school is the child currently attending? Would this school be closer if leaving with the mother or father?
3. What is the distance between where the mother and father reside?
4. What does the child wish to do or live with? Has the child expressed desire to live with one parent over another?

The role of the child will play a large role in who get custody of the child. This will strongly be considered in a court of law and the end result of this case may result in who the child desires to live with.

Tips for Parents when Involved in a Child Custody Battle
It is important for the parents involved in this type of situation to find a lawyer that you can trusted. By taking the necessary amount of time to communicate effectively with this person, this will determine if you wish to rely on this attorney.

Take the time to do your research regarding what is normally required to achieve the act of child custody in a case. Learn what you need to do and take the necessary amount of time to get these things done. Consult with a child custody attorney in Newnan GA for legal advice at all times.

Finally, The Law Offices Of Diane M Sternlieb LLC will be capable of legally advising you on the process of child custody and assisting in legal methods which must be completed to obtain full custody of your child.