Appeasing the Buyer: Working with an Austin Business Broker

by | Apr 7, 2014 | Real Estate

Austin, Texas is one of the largest and most expansive cities to do business. The opportunities are plentiful and the competition is fierce. It is not uncommon to see individuals pack up their business for a new creative home. An Austin Business Broker will facilitate the sale of a business in a productive way. A lot of this has to do with the total packaging of the business. The more transparent and clear everything is, the greater the price tag can be for the business. The below aspects are important in establishing a transparent business.

1. Tax History

Tax payments, including sales tax, fica, and everything in between must be clear and perfect to achieve a high price tag. The reason is simple. A new business owner takes the entire business with them. Back tax payments and other holes will ultimately become the responsibility of the new owner, and these will be assessed by an Austin Business Broker. There are practices in law that will sometimes alleviate a tax burden from someone that made a purchase, but they are not noteworthy for their generosity. The tax history is perhaps the number one cause for a low price tag on a developed business.

2. Business Appraisal

Truthfully, a business needs to be appraised before going up for sale. An Austin Business Broker will facilitate this process. A successful appraisal will generally determine the ballpark figure for a business’ worth. It also means that the price was validated. Very few businesses will sell without that accredited appraisal behind it, unless it seems like a wonderful deal and the purchase is between close friends.

3. Past Ownership Clean Up

Many businesses have a track record that extends beyond the people committing to the closing deal. A new owner wants nothing to do with these previous partners, generally, and their name should be cleaned off all records as assisted by an Austin Business Broker. Confirm previous owners are getting a proper pay out through this experience.

So what is the best way to achieve business transparency? The best approach is to take a big hard look at what a potential buyer is looking for. A buyer wants quite a lot of things from a potential business entity purchase, but some come more important than others.



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