Here’s How Companies Can Get Your Deliveries to You So Quickly

Transportation and Logistics

If you’ve ever used a courier service for overnight package delivery or even to ship a document somewhere in just one day, you may be wondering just how that was possible so quickly. Professional and nation-wide courier services have a huge network of people across the country ready to help get your package or document from one point to another as quickly as possible. Here’s how that super-fast same-day package delivery service works.

Packages Go to the Airport Right Away

If your package is destined for a flight rather than a shorter jaunt in a long-distance truck or just across town, it will head to the airport along with a professional courier right away. And in fact, professional courier networks also connect with charter flights and pilots nationwide to find the best and quickest route to get your important parcel where it needs to be as soon as possible. If a charter flight is unavailable, a courier may use a commercial flight and personally accompany your cargo along the way.

Same-Day Package Delivery Schedules

Another way that national courier services can get your packages, documents, paperwork or anything at all to you quickly is that they work longer hours than other shipping companies. Most courier services continue their business on weekends and holidays, so your items will arrive more quickly than other services. You can also rely on point to point service so that someone can pick up items directly from your location, saving you even more time, since you don’t have to go to the post office or shipping company in person. All you must do is just pick up the phone to schedule the pick-up.

Trucking Transport Networks

If you’ve shipped something very fragile or too large for a commercial or charter flight, such as a large piece of artwork or heavy machinery, it’s likely that the courier service transported your item using their ground transportation network. By working with a network of truckers, trucking companies, drivers and special vehicles such as flatbed trucks, national couriers can ship just about anything anywhere quickly and reliably.