Helpful Tips on Feeling Better During Your First Week With Braces


Once your braces are taken off, you can have a beautiful smile you always wished for. However, the joy of getting them may lessen a bit once you feel the discomfort that comes along with them. Because of the pressure they place on your teeth and gums, these areas may feel painful and inflamed. This will not last for long, you just need to make it through those initial days. Here are helpful tips to get you through your first week with braces.

Try Softer Foods

You may normally eat foods that are crunchy or chewy, which can be delicious and satisfying. But, for this time, you will need to be more gentle with yourself. Your orthodontist in Oak Creek fitted your mouth with new metal pieces that apply constant pressure. Because of this, you should try softer foods like soup, mashed potatoes, oatmeal, and rice.

Be Gentle With Your Toothbrush

Although your typical routine involves brushing your teeth once or twice a day, an orthodontist in Oak Creek would have you try more often. Small pieces of food to get jammed into the wires and brackets of your braces and must get quickly removed. Yet, a harder brush or rigorous technique can put you through much more pain. Instead, try softer bristles and be gentle as you apply them to your teeth and gums.

You can learn more about caring for your braces from an orthodontist in Oak Creek by speaking with Griffin Orthodontics today.