Have You Applied for Social Security Disability, Seek Help from a Reputable Lawyer near Kansas City


If you can no longer work for a living because you are disabled, it could be time to consider social security disability benefits (SSD). This is a way to give you financial support to help you live as comfortably as possible. The SSA is there to provide monetary assistance to qualified individuals who show that they are disabled. However, this process can be highly stressful and involves a lot of work. You can hire a lawyer near Kansas City to assist you through the process.

Initial Denial

The SSA denies over half of all disability claims the first time. In all actually, only about a quarter of initial claims are approved, which means you have a small window of opportunity to get your disability benefits the first time you apply. You can ask for a reconsideration, though very few people are approved during this stage.

In most cases, you must appeal the decision and get a hearing. While you don’t need a lawyer for any part of the process, it can be helpful because they ensure that your application is complete. They can also help you get a speedy appeals hearing if necessary.

Knows What to Do and When

An experienced attorney knows which documents need to be filled out, where to send them, and when to do it. They also know what documentation is essential to send with the claim and what information doesn’t need to go. That way, the SSA is more inclined to view your information without tossing it or claiming that you didn’t send the right information to help your case.

Social security disability can help you financially, though it is not easy to attain. Visit Grundy Disability Group near Kansas City at http://www.grundydisabilitygroup.com to learn how they can help. Like us on our facebook page.