Hardwood Floor Sanding in Bend, OR Restores the Looks of an Older Floor


If you want to revive the looks of an older hardwood floor, you can do so through sanding. After a while, an older floor may display some scratches or unsightly marks. It may also need to be refinished to its original luster and shine. This can only be done by having the floor sanded and then refinished.

Making an Appointment for the Work: The Best Times for a Floor Upgrade

You can have Hardwood Floor Sanding in Bend, OR scheduled at any time during the year. You may, however, want to have the floor refinished in the cooler months or during the spring and fall. You will need to ventilate your home if you have it stained or refinished. Technicians sand the floor first to make sure that it is free of any marks or defects. They can even out the floor by using this method.

Preparing the Floor for Sanding

When hardwood floor sanding is performed, technicians must prepare the floor first before it is sanded. This means that they must clean the floor and make sure that they get rid of any kind of dirt buildup. They can then begin the sanding process. Before sanding progresses, they will need to clear out the room too and make sure that items are covered as needed.

Refinishing the Hardwood Floor

After hardwood floor sanding is completed, technicians will go through the tedious process of refinishing the floor. By having the floor sanded, you can change a darker floor into a light-colored floor. You can actually make a complete transformation. Sanding makes it possible for you to refinish the floor so it looks spectacular.

Give Your Floor a New Look Today

You might say that you cannot sand a floor unless you refinish it too. Sanding involves a number of steps, as does refinishing. By having this work done, you can greatly increase the value of your home.

Check About the Pricing Now

You don’t have to tear out the existing flooring. You can have the work done and keep your floor intact. Check out this type of work and schedule an appointment for a free quote now. See how you can improve or make the best of what you already have.