4 Reasons to Add Siberian Chaga to Your California Health Regimen

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If you live in North America, it’s very possible that you’ve never heard of the Siberian Chaga mushroom. That’s because it can only be gathered from birch trees in northern Russia, where it is also known by the name Inonotus Obliquus. Read on to find out a little bit more about this incredible fungus, including how people have used it for thousands of years and how and why you should bring it into your life.

Siberian Chaga Is an Ancient Folk Remedy

Long a major part of Asian folk medicine, Siberian Chaga has been known to practitioners for about 5000 years. One of a variety of medicinal mushrooms, Chaga was used for many purposes in ancient times: to maintain a healthy ‘Chi’ balance within the body, to preserve youth, and to strengthen the body’s natural immunities.

Siberian Chaga Is an Incredible Source of Antioxidants

Think about the foods and supplements that are considered to be high in antioxidants. Vitamin C, wild blueberries, Agarigus, truffles — Siberian Chaga blows them all out of the water with between 25 to 50 times the amount of SOD antioxidants per unit. These antioxidants can help people maintain healthy blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Siberian Chaga Has Been Heavily Researched

The Department of Pharmacology and Botany at Irkutsk Medical University in Russia has studied the effects of the Siberian Chaga for over two decades, and recently this ‘super-mushroom’ has attracted scientific interest from around the world. Over 1400 publications have been published detailing links between qualities of the Siberian Chaga and major health benefits.

Siberian Chaga Extract Is Naturally Produced

Because the extraction process uses no alcohol and takes place in a low pressure aqueous system, the potency of the extract is not dulled in the slightest. This means that the active compounds of the mushroom (and their associated health benefits) are preserved within the Siberian Chaga extract.

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