Guide to a Furnace in Clinton

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Connecticut homeowners rely on their heating systems to keep their homes comfortable during the cold winter months. When they need a new urnace in Clinton or service on their current furnace, they hire a heating repair contractor to complete that work. But what should they look for when buying a new heater? What qualities should they seek in an HVAC contractor? Keep reading for answers to these questions and more.

Buying a New Furnace

Homeowners have many options when purchasing a new furnace, but the options can be narrowed down by looking at the characteristics of the home. Consider the fuel source for the unit. Will the furnace be run on electricity, heating oil, or gas? Consider the size of the house and purchase a heating unit accordingly. Do not assume that bigger must be better. Be cautious if a contractor gives a quote for a home over the phone without actually checking it out. This is a huge red flag because more goes into calculating an appropriate heater size than just square footage. Window efficiency and room layout also need to be considered. Additionally, consider units that are covered under warranty, and make sure all installation work is completed subject to the warranty stipulations.

Servicing a Furnace

Furnaces function at their best with routine maintenance. Heating contractors can perform routine maintenance in addition to repair work on heating units. When looking for an HVAC contractor ask friends, neighbors, and co-workers for recommendations. Pay close attention to companies that are recommended multiple times. If repair work is necessary on a unit that is still under warranty, be sure to read the warranty ahead of time and be sure to follow any contractor requirements so that the work is covered. Before any heating service work begins, make sure to verify the contractor has adequate liability insurance in case of an accident while they are in the home.

Final Thoughts

Build a relationship with a local HVAC contractor. Homeowners find it easier to get emergency service completed quickly as an established customer. Look for a heating service company with an excellent reputation and a long-standing track record of quality work. For more information about purchasing or servicing a furnace in Clinton, contact East River Energy.