Going Drug-Free with Massage as a Pain Relief Option


Today’s trends for treatment of everything from chronic pain to serious, ongoing medical conditions – and even surgery recovery – are trending toward alternative medicines. Wherever people can find holistic, drug-free options for improving their health, they jump at the chance. One option that is sometimes overlooked in this age of acupuncture and juice cleanses is the simple art of massage therapy. Read on to see how this ancient art is changing the way we recover from today’s top medical problems.

Coping with Pain

One of the biggest reasons people choose massage is because it is so helpful for dealing with pain. Whether you are coping with acute pain brought on by an injury, and illness or from having surgery, massage can improve circulation and release tension in the body’s muscles, giving you a quicker, less painful road to feeling better.

For those who deal with chronic pain, finding a drug-free option for pain relief can be a relief in itself. With so many people worried about the negative effects of many popular pain relievers and shy of having surgery unless strictly necessary, treatments like massage are growing in popularity for the treatment of pain. Ask your primary care doctor if incorporating massage would be a good idea for you!

Managing Mental Health

Physical pain is not the only thing that massage therapy can help with. There are many ways that massage can also improve mental health. Some of the ways that getting regular massages can help you manage mental health issues include:

* Improving the symptoms of depression and anxiety.
* Assisting with sleep and relaxation.
* Inducing meditation states and improving focus.
* Relieving stress.
* Improving overall mood, outlook, and quality of life.

Looking for the best body rub in Anaheim, CA? Contact your nearest massage parlor to book your appointment today, and begin your drug-free journey toward better health, inside and out!