Glass Services Moreno Valley CA: When is it Time to Update a Home’s Windows?


There are quite a few homeowners who have no idea how old the windows in their home actually are. While they may seem fine from a distance, there could be a few telltale signs that it’s time to invest in an upgrade. If the windows aren’t what they once were, and new ones are needed professionals offering Glass Services in Moreno Valley, CA can help.

However, since windows represent such a significant investment, most homeowners want to be confident that this is necessary. Keep reading to learn about the signs that it is time to invest in new windows.


Take some time to listen when all electronics are off and when the noise inside the home is at a minimum. Can the wind be heard coming through the windows? Is there cold air coming from around the window frame?

If either of these issues is present, then it may be time to speak to a professional from a company offering Glass Services Moreno Valley CA to see if repairs or replacement is the best option. If windows are drafty, then it is going to minimize overall efficiency, and cost a homeowner more in terms of heating and cooling costs.

The Presence of Single Pane Windows

If single pane windows are in a home, they are not going to offer any level of soundproofing or insulation. They are also going to be non-energy efficient. Regardless of what the temperature may be outside, the AC or furnace is going to be working harder to combat the temperatures inside the home.

If a homeowner still has single pane windows installed, then it is a good idea to invest in double or (if it’s in the budget) triple pane windows. These are going to help reduce energy efficiency costs significantly.

The purchase of new windows is not something that should be put off if it is needed. More information about when this service is needed can be found by contacting the professionals at MGS Services. There’s more information offered at the company’s website,, as well, which can be beneficial when making this decision.