Getting a New Roof in Norman


Home and commercial business owners in need of a New Roof in Norman can rely on Mallard Construction and Roofing for fair prices and top-notch quality. The roof of a home or business is one of its most important structural and aesthetic aspects. Without a structurally sound roof, a plethora of damage can begin to accumulate.

Damage starts as a shingle or two coming loose during a thunderstorm. After that, it develops into a drip from the ceiling. Without repairs, it begins to worsen and water damage occurs not only to the ceilings, but also the walls, plaster, wood, and sheet rock. Black mold can form in the insulation, which causes potentially dangerous health issues. It is not simply the roof that begins to go, but also the health of its occupants and the overall value of the building.

The risk of black mold and other fungal pathogens is very real with a damage to a roof. This poses danger to anyone who spends a significant amount of time in the structure. Once molds and fungi take hold, they are extremely hard to clear out and will continue to develop anywhere that moisture is found. The best way to avoid this is to make sure that one’s roof is damage free.

If and when one decides to sell their home or business, a roof in decay will significantly decrease the value. A brand new roof, on the other hand, has the potential to increase the value of a home or business by several thousands of dollars. This is why those who invest in and sell properties immediately have new roofs put on, or do repairs.

Taking care of roofing issues as an early precaution guarantees that one will save thousands of dollars down the road. Reason being is that repairs will also have to be made to walls, sheet rock, ceilings, and insulation if the problems persist. For those that are looking at getting a New Roof in Norman, do realize that this is not only a repair and an aesthetic upgrade, but also a way to save money and a long-term investment.

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